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Timberpro Frequently Asked Questions

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Household Services
Services range from basic home repair to total home maintenance.
Household Care Tips
Keep your house dry and clean. Unchecked moisture and wet areas not only breed disease-causing germs and pests, it also attracts termites.
Pest Control Satisfied Clients
Our Home Care Services
  1. Stone works (bricks, araal, marble, granite)

  2. Repair and restoration

  3. Minor and major painting works

  4. Steel works

  5. Plumbing works

  6. Carpentry works

  7. Supply and installation of laminated floorings and cabinet

  8. Cabinetry works

  9. Minor electrical works

  10. Air-con cleaning

  11. Roofing

  12. Installation of insulation

The Premier Pest Control Service Provider in the Philippines

Our Vision
To continously be the premiere Pest Management Service Provider.
Our Mission
To provide the highest quality service and highest value for money in the Pest management industry.
Uncompromising Service Standard

For over 32 years, Timber Protection and Maintenance Services, Inc. (Timberpro) has cared for more than 500,000 houses, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, warehouses, high-rise offices, and ships at sea. Mindful of structure longevity, we have applied only the safest, eco-friendly termiticides and pesticides to protect over 70 million square meters of property across the Philippines.

For over 32 years, Timberpro has been preserving the value of your real estate investment and preserving the environment and human health.

For over 32 years, Timberpro has been ensuring your investment with its service that is of the highest value.

Round-the-clock service.

24 hours pest control service
Timberpro operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week pest control services.
Many Years of Warranty - From standard 2 years to 10 or even 20 years as you wish.

Pest Control Service Warranty
Free re-treatment and structural repair if re-infestation and/or termite damage occurs within this warranty period. Free structure repair if damage exceeds 40%.
High-tech equipment.

High-tech pest control equipment
Timberpro only use highly-efficient devices: soil/slab injectors, fogging machines, 5-horsepower sprayers, ultra-low volume misters, fiber optics inspection devices, Termatrac termite detector (microwave technology), electronic moisture sensors.
A computerized data system.

Computerized pest control data system
keeps track of every customer's subsequent needs.
Color-coded architectural drawings and digital imaging.

Color-coded architecturalDigital Imaging
provide both customer and service personnel with a floor-by-floor, room-by-room visual guide and progress report.
Our modern vehicles are equipped with digital communication equipment,

enabling our service personnel to promptly consult our main office when the need arises.
We specify only the safest, ecology and environment-friendly, low-risk termiticides, pesticides, and other methods.miticides, pesticides, and other methods.

low-risk termiticides, pesticides, and other methods
We are not just high-tech, but high-touch as well: since your safety is our topmost concern, we only use specially designed baits and High LD 50 pesticides and termiticides that are proven safe for mammals and other pets, and ecologically important living organisms in the soil and other treated areas.
World-class staff members.

World-class staff members
To upgrade our services according to global standards, we regularly send delegates to international conventions and seminars on the latest pest management technology. We invest on research, human resource development, and service improvement.
As member of the National Pest Management Association International,

National Pest Management Association International member
Timberpro brings home the freshest research findings and products abroad relating to efficient pest management.

Indeed, a Filipino company that you can be proud of! Timberpro's more than two-decade hands-on experience has proven itself a valuable resource not only for our own developmental studies. In fact, several pest management firms abroad have expressed the desire to learn from us so they could upgrade their services as well.

How's that for a BENCHMARKING ordeal and global at that!

The Premier Pest Management Service Provider
Termatrac National Pest Management Association Pest Control Association of the Philippines

Timberpro.com.ph provider of


Our pest control services, Agenda Authorized Applicator, Termite Treatment, repair termite damage, Termiticide Treatment, and Termatrac Authorized Operator. We also added house care services, home repair or house renovation, stone works, repair restoration, refurbishment, minor and major painting works, steel works, plumbing, carpentry works, supply and installation of laminated floorings and cabinets, cabinetry works, minor electrical works, air-con cleaning, roofing, and installation of insulation services.


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